Innovation, Sustainability
and Integration for your community

NEP is a licensed, integrated retail energy provider offering electricity, natural gas, and sustainability solutions to residential, industrial, and commercial customers.


Our mission is to empower communities with
innovative and sustainable solutions through
integrated energy services.

Core Values


To ensure data transparency and integrity, we centralize data from multiple sources and employ proprietary technology. We provide our customers with detailed information about energy supply components, forecasted energy trends, and the impact of the product on the community.


We create unique structures with renewable generators, microgrids, and other energy companies, driving added value back to the customer.


We focus on multiple aspects of sustainability including social-economic improvement, environmental impacts and ethical responsibility.


We help our customers make a positive environmental impact and reduce their carbon footprint by offering renewable energy and microgrid solutions. Our customers can choose the type of renewable energy and its source: local, national, or international.


We are dedicated to improving social-economic conditions in the areas we serve, focusing on the empowerment of underserved communities. We support communities through partnerships with local governments and businesses, local contributions and sponsorships, employee engagement and volunteering.


While we embrace the flexibility of deregulated energy markets, we set high standards for our services and commit to conducting our business with integrity and accountability. We are committed to raising the bar of ethics in the retail energy industry — ultimately preventing price gouging, deceptive and misleading marketing practices, unauthorized switching of energy suppliers.

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