Sustainable Energy  

Pollution, climate change and global warming are three of the most widely discussed environmental issues worldwide. Energy production is routinely linked as a major contributor to these global phenomena, with fossil fuels at the forefront of the conversation. Many individuals and businesses are leading the charge to create a cleaner world by switching to environmentally friendly energy.

 Northeastern Power (NEP) is committed to improving the global situation by providing customers with premium, sustainable energy options. Based in New York State, our team of experts works tirelessly to offer customers affordable, high-quality power that is environmentally and financially sound.  

What Is Sustainable Energy ?

Sustainable energy is any form of green power option from sources that can't run out. Wind, solar and water are three of the most common sustainable energy sources and are never at risk of expiring or being exhausted. They're widely available worldwide, uniquely affordable and pose very little risk to the surrounding environment. 

The term sustainable is often used interchangeably with renewable. While they're similar, they're quite different in what they mean. Sustainable power generation is the idea of creating energy from an inexhaustible resource that does not need to be created or refilled. On the other hand, renewable energy uses naturally occurring resources that renew at a consistent rate that aligns with our energy needs. 

All sustainable resources are renewable, but not all renewable resources are sustainable and can potentially be exhaustible, such as crops or biomatter. Wind, solar and water fall into both categories of sustainable and renewable energy choices 

What Is Sustainable Energy ?

Benefits of Sustainable Energy

While fossil fuels, such as oil and coal, are naturally occurring energy sources, they are non-renewable and contribute to the majority of the world's pollution. Renewable energy is a viable solution to create a cleaner future for the next generation. Utilizing these resources offers a variety of benefits, such as.  


Positive environmental impact

Renewable energy resources offer a viable strategy for families and businesses to decrease their dependence on fossil fuels. These alternate sources create little to no carbon emissions and are the leading force in combatting the effects of global warming and climate change. 


Long-term savings

Sustainable power generation requires specific equipment and tools, which tend to come with high, up-front installation costs, as often seen with solar panels. However, this equipment begins to pay itself back within a few short years and can make a drastic impact on reducing your monthly utility bills.


Reliable access

Whether you run a business or manage a home, having dependable access to environmentally friendly energy gives you the peace of mind you deserve. Sustainable resources are unlikely ever to run out and provide you added security over other fossil fuels. 

Why Choose NEP as Your Sustainable Energy Provider?

Get the most out of your sustainable energy plan with NEP by your side. We are a long-time retail energy provider with years of experience supporting our residential and commercial needs throughout New York State. Our team is proud to supply sustainable energy options at the local, national and international levels, helping propel the world toward a greener future. We take our role seriously and work tirelessly to support our communities with a strict commitment to integrity and transparency. 

At NEP, we regard innovation as the key to success. We leverage the impressive capabilities of our proprietary technology and insight gathered from our large data collection to provide customers with all the information required to make informed decisions. They also allow our team to develop personalized and integrated structures using equipment like renewable generators and microgrids. No matter your situation, you can count on our power generation experts to satisfy your specific sustainable energy demands.

Exclusive advantages you'll notice while working with NEP include. 

  • A dedication to environmentally sound and ethically responsible business practices.
  •  Access to affordable energy rates.
  • Commitment to quality by acquiring all necessary licenses and certifications.

    Why Choose NEP as Your Sustainable Energy Provider?

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    Working with a dependable, sustainable energy provider is crucial to obtaining a consistent flow of power to your home or commercial location. NEP is the go-to provider within New York and surrounding regions, and we are committed to supplying you with high-quality green and sustainable energy options. We'll work closely with you to understand the layout of your property and discover your goals to develop a personalized solution that checks all your boxes. 

    Ready to get started? You can contact our team online to learn more about renewable energy choices. You can also schedule an in-person consultation to better understand how our wind and solar power solutions can address your needs.