Commercial Electric and Gas

Northeastern Power is a licensed, integrated retail energy provider for commercial customers. We serve commercial businesses of all sizes in New York State and New Jersey and plan to expand into Pennsylvania, Maryland, and other states. In deregulated markets, you can choose your provider for the best costs.
Cost-effective energy matters for businesses. Better control over costs allows you to gain a competitive advantage and reduce how much energy cuts into your budget. Reliable and cost-effective energy can also help you operate more efficiently and give greater resilience to change. Find the commercial energy solutions you need at Northeastern Power.

About Commercial Energy Usage

Commercial buildings use a significant amount of power. A high proportion of this power goes to space heating. Other energy requirements include ventilation, lighting, cooling, refrigeration, water heating, computing and office equipment. Most of the energy comes from electricity and gas. Electricity serves many energy needs, while natural gas has applications in water heating, space heating and cooking equipment.

Quality energy services contribute to operational efficiency and cost savings across industries. When you choose Northeastern Power as your provider, you can also get a price you'll love, which can help meet operational budgets. We can provide tailored energy solutions for your unique operations.

Commercial energy usage and challenges vary by industry. Here are a few industries and their unique considerations



Office buildings must balance energy requirements across multiple floors and office spaces.



This sector must balance energy-intensive production with cost-efficiency.


Health Care

This industry needs reliable energy for critical medical equipment.



Servers need continuous power, and their buildings require effective cooling.



Energy usage must maintain guest comfort, even as occupancy changes.

Our Business Energy Services

Northeastern Power provides electricity, natural gas and sustainable energy services tailored to your business. You can complete the switch online with a few simple steps


Use your ZIP code to find all the energy plans available in your area.


Browse all options to find the best deal for your situation.


Consider how the quotes compare to your current provider to determine the right choice.


Fill in your information online, and we will notify your electric utility of the change.


We offer various electricity rates and plans, as well as renewable electricity options. Pricing plans include fixed, index, variable and custom pricing. Depending on your business operations, you may choose custom pricing tailored to suit your property and risk appetite. Another business might select index pricing for partial price certainty with room for market fluctuation.

Natural Gas

We allow you to choose a natural gas supplier that suits your usage. We also offer clean energy options. Our pricing for natural gas includes


Fixed Pricing

Get cost certainty with prices that don't change throughout the term.


NYMEX Pricing

Lock in pipeline and LDC costs with some fluctuation from monthly settled NYMEX rates.


Variable Pricing

Benefit from savings when the market dips with rates that fluctuate with the natural gas market.


Custom Pricing

We analyze your natural gas load profile and recommend pricing that fits your business.

Sustainable Energy

Whether your business aims to reduce its carbon footprint or meet business sustainability targets, Northeastern Power provides solutions. We can offer renewable energy, such as solar or wind. Other options include microgrid solutions like demand response, energy storage, fuel cells and other distributed energy resources.We can also analyze your business's historical data to present sustainable strategies that meet your economic and environmental values. Sustainable energy can reduce energy bills, provide tax incentives and enhance your business reputation.

A Partner to Commercial Customers

At Northeastern Power, we offer pricing you'll love with customized energy solutions that meet your needs and goals. We are a reliable partner and provide options to reduce your environmental impact and meet regulatory compliance.

Through integrated energy services, we aim to empower communities with innovative and sustainable solutions. We support communities through partnerships with local governments and businesses. Our services aim to contribute to positive environmental impact and reduce carbon footprints. We set high service standards and commit to integrity and accountability in our business operations.

Northeastern Power has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and is a certified minority business enterprise by the National Minority Supplier Development Council.

A Partner to Commercial Customers

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We're a commercial energy provider that gives prices your business loves with flexible energy solutions to meet your industry's needs. Shop for energy options using your ZIP code and sign up online. You can also contact us online to learn more about our energy solutions for commercial businesses.