Residential Electric and Gas

Whether you seek to new your energy rates or switch to sustainable energy, you have options. Northeastern Power is a residential electric and gas provider serving New York and New Jersey with plans to expand to New Jersey, Maryland and Pennsylvania. In states with a deregulated market, you have options for prices you'll love and high-quality service.

We simplify switching your energy with planet-friendly energy options. Explore our electric, gas and sustainable energy options to find the right fit for your home. 

Understanding Residential Energy Needs

Homeowners face various challenges in managing their energy consumption, including high upfront costs and varying energy needs depending on seasonal demands, such as winter heating and summer air conditioning. While facing these issues, you might not know your options for managing your energy or comparing different energy providers. Despite these challenges, you need reliable and efficient electricity and gas.

These energy sources must be reliable, so you always have power when you need it. Efficiency provides better cost savings, reduces environmental impact and increases home comfort.Quality energy services can enhance everyday life in your home. You use energy to heat and cool your house, keep the lights on, heat your water and keep your fridge cool. Northeastern Power provides reliable solutions to keep your home running.

Understanding Residential Energy Needs

Our Residential Energy Solutions

We are an energy provider offering electricity, natural gas and sustainable energy at low rates and various plan options. Our choices allow you to find energy solutions for your particular situation. Our services cater to the unique needs of residential customers, providing prices you love while making a positive choice for the planet. We provide stable utility rates in your area, giving you peace of mind in your energy provider. Here's how the process goes.


Our website allows you to search by ZIP code to find available options in your area. 

Sign up

Once you find the right plan, you can sign up online in minutes by providing a few pieces of information.


Once you're signed up, we handle the switching process and tell you when the service starts.


You will still get the same bills from your local utility and the same energy delivery, making the switching process seamless.


We offer various electricity plans and rates to suit your needs, including.

As a renewable residential electric supplier, we also offer renewable energy options to power your home sustainably. We offer access to dependable electricity to keep your home running smoothly. 


Fixed Pricing

pricing for better certainty and protection against market changes.


Index Pricing

Index pricing with partial price certainty and some market fluctuation.


Variable Pricing

Variable pricing that shifts with the market for savings during dips.

Natural Gas

As a residential gas service provider, we offer natural gas for various uses around your home, including heating, cooking and appliance power. Our safe and cost-effective natural gas options provide a dependable energy source. Pricing options include.


Fixed Pricing


NYMEX + Pricing


Variable Pricing


We can help you minimize your environmental impact while maintaining a well-functioning home. As a renewable residential electric service provider, we offer renewable energy and microgrid solutions, which integrate demand response, energy storage, fuel storage and other distributed energy resources (DER).

We can also analyze historical energy usage to offer sustainable strategies while protecting the environment. 


Why Northeastern Power

We are a licensed, integrated retail energy provider, offering solutions to homeowners with easy switching to give you pricing you love and improve sustainability. Our core values include
Our company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ rating, giving you a higher level of trust in our company and its services. We are also certified by the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) as a minority business enterprise.  Northeastern Power also maintains an online learning center to educate you about pricing information and market updates. We'll keep you informed so you can make educated decisions that benefit your wallet, your home and the planet. 



We use proprietary technology to centralize data from multiple sources and give you detailed energy information and price transparency.



We strive for sustainability across various aspects, including social-economic, environmental and ethical areas. 



Our structures include other energy companies, renewable generators and microgrids, offering value for customers. 

Learn More About Our Services

We'll assist you in making the switch to new electric, gas or sustainable energy options. Reach out to our team online to discuss our services in more detail. You can also search by ZIP code to discover options in your area and sign up..